X.509 certificates for https://gnupg.org [was: Re: Another step towards crowdfunding]

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Mon Dec 16 22:30:01 CET 2013

> for well-known free software projects  (Also, as a business in Israel,
> StartSSL is the target of an ongoing international boycott due to
> Israeli domestic policy -- http://www.bdsmovement.net/).

Although I support each person's right to believe what they want with  
respect to Israeli domestic policy, and to act on those beliefs in  
whatever lawful manner they feel is appropriate, I don't think we want  
to encourage GnuPG to take a political position on this issue.  I  
think getting tangled up in politics -- especially politics that has  
nothing to do with privacy rights -- would ultimately be a bad thing  
for GnuPG.

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