please give us safer defaults for gnupg

adrelanos adrelanos at
Tue Dec 17 00:11:24 CET 2013

Werner Koch:
> On Mon, 16 Dec 2013 18:37, adrelanos at said:
>> [This was originally planed as an open letter, but I thought it might
>> be better to hear your arguments beforehand.]
> May I suggest to read the archives of just a few weeks to collect the
> reasons why suggestions of using SHA-512 are missing the point. 

I'll do.

> Some
> folks here must have bleeding fingertips from repeating the arguments
> over and over.

I apologize if I haven't searched thoroughly enough in past and have
missed the thread suggesting to crank up the default. I can imagine that
running a project as this requires nerves of steel.

> Having said this, I like to appreciate that you have such a trust in us
> GnuPG hackers in that our coding practice and development environment is
> bug free at a level that only cracking algorithms is the danger to your
> data.  I think Adi Shamir was it who said: "Nobody breaks crypto
> algorithms; they work around the crypto".

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