please give us safer defaults for gnupg

adrelanos adrelanos at
Tue Dec 17 18:44:36 CET 2013

Robert J. Hansen:
>> We think...
> If you're writing on behalf of a group, I would love to know the name of
> the group and the names of its members.  Otherwise, I can only assume
> you are suffering a mental illness and are speaking for the multiple
> voices in your head -- either that or else perhaps you're fighting off a
> parasitic infestation and are speaking on behalf of your guests.  :)

Okay, I've got confirmation to lift the "secret". (I would have had it
beforehand, but I am a careful person.)

The person who agreed with me:
carlo von lynX

Also the autor of "15 reasons not to start using PGP". [1]



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