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Getting Goteo approval
Posted 18th December 2013 by Sam Tuke

The targets are set, the rewards are prepared, the press release has been edited
and translated, and now we’re waiting for approval from the crowdfunding
platform Goteo.

Goteo is like indiegogo, but more forward thinking. It has a special focus on
communal benefits and rewards - projects that benefit society as a whole, not
just project donors (though they can get special rewards too).

Every ’good’ produced by a campaign on Goteo, be it artwork, software, event, or
manufactured product, has a license assigned to it, like GPL or Creative
Commons, and as well as asking for money, projects ask for other forms of help
called “non-economic needs”, like translations or product testing. Goteo’s own
source code is Free Software too, meaning anyone can run their own Goteo
crowdfunding server. That’s the feature that swung our decision to use it for GnuPG.

Because the type of project on Goteo is quite specific however, the acceptance
phase of launching crowdfunding is taking us longer than expected. Right now
we’re working with Goteo’s small team to answer questions which aren’t on the
webforms you fill out when you design your project with their system.

I’m hoping to provide what’s necessary and get acceptance quickly. As soon as we
have it the crowdfunding will launch and newsletter subscribers and Twitter
followers will be the first to know.

Sam Tuke
Campaign Manager
Gnu Privacy Guard
Tel: +49 176 81923811
IM: samtuke at

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