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Wed Dec 18 21:51:23 CET 2013

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I'm really sorry to have set up such a conversation :o)

As I said earlier I'm not quite good at crypto-things, all I wanted to
do was to protect my private key easily in case of HDD error.

And all I wanted to do with this little tool was to share it with you.

If you can explain to such a nooby-noob like me what matters, I'll try
to do my best not to make you loose your time ;o)


Le 18/12/2013 17:53, Peter Lebbing a écrit :
> On 16/12/13 23:41, Doug Barton wrote:
>> but one argument against what you're suggesting is that it's only
>> as secure as the encryption used in step 1 of the hybrid
>> approach.
> If only everything in cryptoland was "only as secure as 3DES"...
>> The ability to apply SSS to the entire secret would be quite
>> valuable
> I don't see why. If this is because you avoid "insecurities in
> symmetric crypto", I just don't buy it. Otherwise, please explain.
>> although your concern about entropy use is something that should
>> be addressed explicitly.
> And how do you propose to do that? You can't conjure up good
> quality entropy. And if you don't trust symmetric crypto, you can't
> use that to create an almost-random stream either.
> Peter.

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