Printing PGP Businesscard

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Tue Dec 24 16:08:38 CET 2013

On Tuesday, December 24, 2013 at 3:25 AM, "Ralph J.Mayer" <rmayer at> wrote:
>is there an easy way to print your PGP-key on a piece of paper in a
>nice way?
>Like those business card creators in Word that you print on 
>perforated paper.


Haven't done this in an actual print on business card paper, 
but here is a suggestion:

[1] Export the public key
[2] Import in into an Open Office txt. document
[3] Change the font to 'OCR A Extended' at 2 pt. type 
(it wont let you do 1 pt. type)
[4] Export it as a pdf

I used a 4096 public key, which fits easily on a business card,
and you can add the fingerprint and key ID by changing the version and comment lines:

Instead of the Version and Comment lines, you can put:

KeyID: long Key id   
Fingerprint; actual fingerprint of 40 characters with spaces between blocks of 4

As long as you include the colon and a space after the colon, gnupg will import it with only a minor comment of:
'unknown armor header'

Here is a pdf of my key done this way:

PDF treats an empty line as 'whitespace' and when the pdf is copied and pasted as text, the empty line between the fingerprint comment and the key block will be omitted.
Add the empty line (GnuPG will import it anyway without it, if you forget to ;-)  )

The entire keyblock will fit on the back of an index card.

Now, for the 'real' problem with all this:

On what type of paper, and how should it be printed, so that it will be durable and scanable and importable without scanning errors ?  


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