Rosetta CryptoPad released

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Dec 26 20:46:26 CET 2013

> - as far as I see the Rosetta CryptoPad tool is open source, why do you
> spread wrong info.

Because I had it conflated with Encreep, a similar tool that was also  
recently posted here.  That's the closed-source one.  My apologies to  
those who feel I've misled them.

> - if I understood it right, both use the same lib? and similar principle

Again: so what?

> - communities appreciates to learn for and from each other, exchange and
> dialogue is the goal of a mailinglist

The GnuPG-Users community has always been structured around GnuPG,  
OpenPGP, how to keep endpoints secure, and (to a lesser extent)  
privacy rights.  GoldBug does not touch on any of those except insofar  
as it borrows some code from GnuPG.

I have no personal animosity with GoldBug, except insofar as people  
associated with it continue to post identical (or near-identical)  
messages to many different mailing lists in an apparent marketing  
attempt.  For instance, what possible relevance could it have to  
OpenSSL?  Yet a very familiar-looking message was posted to  

Given that these messages appear to be a marketing attempt, *and*  
given that they're off-topic, I personally would appreciate it if they  
could be taken somewhere else.  Others may disagree with me, of course.

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