OT: MFT and posting via gmane (was: Re: 2.x)

Jens Lechtenboerger cloudpg at informationelle-selbstbestimmung-im-internet.de
Fri Dec 27 10:16:49 CET 2013

Hi there,

I’m posting this via gmane with header “Mail-Copies-To: never”,
which should be translated to an MFT header by Gmane (see

>From the Message manual:
For instance, if you're running Gnus and wish to insert a
`Mail-Copies-To' header in all your news articles and all messages
you send to mailing lists, you could do something like the

(defun my-message-header-setup-hook ()
  (let ((group (or gnus-newsgroup-name "")))
    (when (or (message-fetch-field "newsgroups")
              (gnus-group-find-parameter group 'to-address)
              (gnus-group-find-parameter group 'to-list))
      (insert "Mail-Copies-To: never\n"))))

(add-hook 'message-header-setup-hook

Best wishes

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