More secure than smartcard or cryptostick against remote attacks?

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Mon Feb 4 08:26:28 CET 2013

Are there any external gpg signing devices to make gpg more resistant
against remote control viruses?

Smartcard or cryptostick will not help in my situation.

When I write a mail on my linux machine I suppose it could get compromised
one day. It obviously needs an an online connection, a web browser or mail
client. A zero day or other tricky attack could still defeat it.

I understand while the crypto device is not attached and no pin entered no
one can forge my signature.

But when I send a mail I wrote the the crypto device a virus could make my
screen lie to me and sign and send a malicious message somewhere else.
Against this case I want to defend.

Some bank offer something similar to a smartcard or cryptostick.
USB Shield – best choice of Personal Internet Banking security or ICBC
e-Password Device.

The strong part about these devices is that you can check your transaction
before authorizing it.

Are there any devices or systems I could use to verify my mail on a
trusted device with small attack surface before I sign it?

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