More secure than smartcard or cryptostick against remote attacks?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Feb 6 10:28:13 CET 2013

On 06/02/13 02:49, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> It makes no sense to me to believe that it's somehow possible to have a
> dongle that you can plug into a compromised PC to make it safe (or
> safer) to sign with.

Can you explain (broadly) how one would compromise the signature/the device that
you sign with?

I myself always say "if you don't control your own PC, it's over". I don't see
however how that compromised PC in this instance can force me to do false
signatures, which is the context I'm placing it in.

You're still majorly screwed, obviously. An attacker will easily come up with
some other nasty thing to do to you. Just not issuing false signatures.


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