influence of signature type on trustdb

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Feb 7 13:46:56 CET 2013

> I'm trying to figure out what the influence is of the different
> signature types (0x10-0x13).

>From the gpg2 man page:

> --min-cert-level
>        When building the trust database, treat any signatures with a  certification  level
>        below  this  as  invalid.  Defaults to 2, which disregards level 1 signatures. Note
>        that level 0 "no particular claim" signatures are always accepted.

So 0x10 is always accepted, 0x11 is by default rejected. You could, f.e.,
increase this to 3, meaning you only accept 0x13 (and 0x10). Or you could
decrase it to 1, accepting 0x11 as well. That at least is what I get from the
description. I've never fiddled with it.



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