gnupg for android phones

vedaal at vedaal at
Thu Feb 14 23:09:44 CET 2013

Ubuntu is releasing an app for android phones, and some phones running ubuntu are said to become available in October 2013.

As ubuntu has gnupg as a standard application by default, then it would seem that the new phones might have gnupg capablility.
(might be interesting for texting ;-)  ).


As android apps can have malware that can capture stored files on the phone, or even root the phone, it might not be a good idea to keep a secret keyring on the phone.

Still, if there would be a way to get a smartcard reader to usb connect to the phone, it might make it much easier and safer to use gnupg with it.

If anyone would like to help try this out, please let me know.

(am currently using a motorola droid 2, but if, in Oct. there would be a motorola droid 5 or an ubuntu app that would run on a droid 4, I would consider upgrading  -  
am from the generation of the previous millenium, and still prefer a hard keyboard to a touchscreen, and the droid 4 has a slider keyboard, 1g of ram, and a dual core processor, so it seems 'promising' to find a way to get ubnutu to recognize a usb gnupg smart card reader  ;-)   )


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