key ordering choices

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 21 19:37:29 CET 2013

On Thu, 21 Feb 2013 16:50, jw72253 at said:

> The secret keys are listed from the keyring in my gpg homedir. When there
> are several secret keys, what is the ordering criteria used by gpg to

No.  Similar to files in a directory on Unix.  gpg has no feature to
sort them.  If you want that, please use one of the GUI fronrends or
write a script to do this (using the --with-colons format).

> the ordering?  Also, "if" I wanted to have more than one keyring, and I were
> to name them, for example, "secring1.gpg", "secring2.gpg", would my ordering
> be respected by gpg in the display from such a command?

Don't rely on such a behavior.



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