US banks that can send PGP/MIME e-mail

Anonymous anonymous at
Sun Feb 24 14:21:57 CET 2013

>OpenPGP, no, because there's no business case for them to do so.
>OpenPGP users represent a phenomenally small fraction of their userbase
>(probably <1%) and would account for a large fraction of their tech
>support questions.

You seem to imply that Americans are less capable or less interested
in PGP-protected mail.

The German bank "1822 Direkt" sends PGP encrypted bank statements to
their customers.  Someone mentioned another German bank that does
this.  Why does the business case work in Germany?

Interactivebrokers (which is essentially a worldwide bank) offers PGP
encrypted statement as a delivery option.  But sadly, IB is elitest,
in the sense that only their high value high-roller VIP customers can
tick the PGP box (perhaps this supports your point).

There is also a bank in Japan, South Africa, and on in the US which
supports a passworded PDF option.  It's obviously less secure than PGP
if they are using the RC4 algorithm, but certainly indicates that some
people like true delivery.. just as one might prefer to have their
pizza delivered.

Anyway, I don't accept the idea that the business case is lacking.  In
an industry that is willing to pay upwards of $150 to entice new
customers into opening an account, a bank could easily gain majority
market share of all self-respecting nerds in the country at a fraction
of that cost.  I call it a missed opportunity.

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