Is a document signed with hellosign legally binding?

Chris De Young chd at
Fri Jan 4 00:45:39 CET 2013

>> This is a off topic question, but I do not know where to go with it.
>> I just signed up with It is a service where you upload an
>> image file with your handwritten signature. Later on you can upload a
>> document and they will merge your signature and document, and mail it to
>> the one you specified. (at least that is how I understand it)

Although this isn't an answer to your question - I'm not sure I
understand the benefit of such a service in the first place; what is the
advantage of this process over printing your document instead of
uploading it, signing it yourself with a pen, and mailing it to the one
you want it to go to yourself?

If the idea is that the document isn't a format that lends itself to
printing, how do they "merge" your signature image with it in any
meaningful way that you couldn't do yourself just as easily?

Just curious...

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