Problem with keys

Leo Treasure leotreasure at
Wed Jan 16 07:42:38 CET 2013

On 16/01/13 3:10 AM, Hauke Laging wrote:
Am Di 15.01.2013, 18:49:43 schrieb Leo Treasure:

> When I clear sign a message using a newly created key pair it always
> chooses the sub key instead of the main key. This happens even when
> using --default-key <the main key ID>.

This is the expected behaviour. Why don't you want to use your subkey?

You can force the usage of the mainkey:
--local-user  0x1a571df5\!
--default-key 0x1a571df5\!

(the \ is for the shell and not always necessary)

The main key should not be available for normal usage. The keyword is:
offline mainkey.

-- ☺ PGP: 7D82 FB9F D25A 2CE4 5241 6C37 BF4B 8EEF 1A57 1DF5 (seit

Thanks Hauke! I needed to use the main key to interface with a Bitcoin
exchange I first exported my ascii armoured public key and sent
it. For subsequent orders the exchange operator needs me to sign  with
the same main key.

I'm not sure if this is a normal use or not. Do you mean that the main
key is offline so it is the private key?

Sorry if this is a silly question I'm still coming to grips with GPG.
Much appreciate your help!


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