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Thu Jan 31 18:24:19 CET 2013

I have two instances of GnuPG installed on a Windows 7 OS. I also use an
application that appears to have installed an instance of it for its own use
and put it into one of its separate folders along with some of the files
needed with it, including "gpg.exe" and a unique "gpg.conf" file, among
others. However, when I go to that folder, in which this third instance of
gpg was placed, with a command prompt in Windows and type ".\gpg.exe -h",
the initial output from this command includes these lines:

Home: %APPDATA%/gnupg
Supported algorithms:

What puzzles me is the line with "Home". I have two questions about it.
First, where is it getting that environment variable(?) called "Home" since
I do not show it listed among the environment variables I can see in Windows
when I issue the "set" command to show me all of them? Secondly, why does
"Home" point to the path it does instead of pointing to the current
directory path for which I issued the command ".\gpg.exe -h". If there is a
unique "gpg.conf" in this folder designed to work with this third instance
of "gpg.exe", shouldn't "Home" also be this current directory? Otherwise, it
would not see the commands and options I included in its special "gpg.conf".
Is that not so? Thanks.

John A. Wallace

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