gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected - MDC

perhop per.hopstadius at
Thu Jan 31 14:29:50 CET 2013


This has been discussed before and I have an question referring to this.
Short summary:

A customer encrypts data with our public key, we receive the file and we
attempt to decrypt it. The decrypt step seems to work but we get a warning
message while validating the file (gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity
protected).  The question is how to avoid the warning message.

After reading the forum I believe this has to do with mdc, that mdc is not
forced in this case and that is causing the warning message.

I would like to know how you enable mdc. Do I tell the customer to force mdc
or is that controlled from my side, automatic controlled depending on what
cipher method I use? 
We run GPG version 1.4.9 and customer PGP 7.1
Please advice a noob


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