GPG keys for multiple email accounts

Heinz Diehl htd at
Sun Jul 7 19:02:03 CEST 2013

On 07.07.2013, Robert J. Hansen wrote: 

> Nobody with two brain cells to rub together is going to try
> brute-forcing either the crypto or your passphrase.

This very much depends on how important the encrypted information is
considered to be. However, I agree that most probably no one is
especially interested in *my* passphrase :-)

> Further, who cares if the number of bits in different parts of the
> system aren't balanced?

For some ciphers (incl. AES), a smaller key size means
"faster". While this doesn't matter for a reasonably fast desktop
system, it can play a role for a lot of small computers and laptops
running an Atom or AMD E processor.

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