Do we need / want (or already have) a mascot for OpenPGP?

John Clizbe John at
Fri Jul 12 09:01:49 CEST 2013

Burkhard Schroeder wrote:
> On 08-Jul-13 6:34 AM, Bob (Robert) Cavanaugh wrote:
>> How about a lemur? They have masked varieties (and they are cute).
>> Raccoon also comes to mind...
> But they are not associated with security. And security is not "cute".
> What about Erinaceidae ? They look cute, are not really strong but can
> defend themselves...

As a friend of mine commented: "First people have to care enough to want to
use crypto before they start worrying about how easy to use it is or how well
integrated it may be. It's like my friends who like hedgehogs: They're spikey
and are weird but if you like them, they're cute."

Along with the hedgehogs, there are the echidna[0] and porcupine[1] as
options. Maybe even a honey badger :-)

My suggestion was inanimate: Reynolds, the tin-foil hat (or cap).


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