Multiple email addresses - any alternative to ask everyone to sign all my keys?

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk at
Wed Jul 24 00:04:48 CEST 2013

Am 23.07.2013 23:22, schrieb Max Parmer:

> Sounds like you might want an offline master key with a couple UIDs and
> several subkeys.

But can I have multiple encryption subkeys, with encryption subkeys
associated with UIDs? I though one subkey per UID only works for signing.

> Also if I didn't trust a system enough to use any secret key on it I
> probably also would not want to expose decrypted messages to that
> system, presuming the messages you receive have sensitive/important
> information in them.
> Something to consider if you really have cause to not trust that
> computer might be setting up a dedicated, air-gapped system for
> encryption/decryption.

I do not trust the computer at university with the secret key used to
decrypt my private mail. I did set up that computer myself, but we have
burglars breaking into the offices every few years, many people have
keys to the office, etc.

Still, I want  to be able to read any encrypted mail sent to my
unversity addresses on the computer at university. And I want to use
encryption, since the mails might contain sensitive information, such as
exams, grades, etc (and the mail servers are maintained by students).


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