License Comparison: Qt and OpenSSL

Randolph D. rdohm321 at
Sat Jul 27 15:32:49 CEST 2013

what a nonsense, Qt is LGPL and so not GPL , furthermore the derived
product should not be GPL says the link, it is not about combing two lib.
This is really license soldierness. If that is the only point people pick
out this shows they are not open to new things nor do they ever understand,
what it has to do with respect to other Ppeople who have different things
to mix, to think, to be divers. How can these people learn constructive
behaviour?  if there are some things missing a friendly word or bugfile
should be better than a friendly sent lawyer. really interesting. nothing
against you who coment with  a boulevard view. but the next time of course
your/these points should be considered. but really, some need to be
fixed with a line to not jump always forward like barking Matadors. I am
king and my little toy is thretend by something new..
Ok, to open your mind it needs experience, Imaginge another Project
combining Qt with OpenSSL would have opened this. the second time you would
be more calm, as you know it and can relax. My solution is then really,
that children need to get more to real life and away from Laptops.
Groupwork and Teamwork in the education is the most needed procedure.
So I dont think the OpenSSL and Qt Projects would behave like conflict
matadors. they are in smooth coexistence.

> See, e.g.,
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