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Doug Barton wrote:
> On 05/29/2013 11:28 PM, Henry Hertz Hobbit wrote:
> | First, whose advice?
> The advice of the people who actually write Enigmail. All of your
> irrelevant stuff aside, you still haven't explained yourself.

Speaking as one of those people who took part in the discussion creating that
advice, it wasn't about the mechanics of the install: manual, apt-get,
yum,...; but that the copy of Thunderbird/Seamonkey and Enigmail come from the
same distro foundry, i.e., compiled by the same compiler.

This was required because Enigmail contained a binary IPC component creating a
dependency on both the OS and on the C++ compiler used to build the code.
This is why we created the statement that both TB/SM & Enigmail must come from
the same source -- Enigmail's 'source for TB & SM being Mozilla.org;
Enigmail's own build architecture tracked that of Mozilla.org. Thus, a SuSE
Thunderbird needed a SuSE Enigmail, a Debian (whatever they call it) needed a
Debian Enigmail, and so on...

Patrick Brunschwig did a large amount of code cleanup this past winter and
removed the binary IPC components from Enigmail.  The "same place" rule is
pretty much gone for Enigmail 1.5+, but is still a strong recommendation due
to the numerous changes in the mail-news code in each Thunderbird release.

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