Recommendations for handling (multiple) user IDs - personal and company ones

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Sat Jun 8 00:49:23 CEST 2013

Am Fr 07.06.2013, 13:22:04 schrieb Doug Barton:

> Personally I have used this strategy and it
> has worked well for me.

> OTOH, others on this list, and many keys that I have signed over the
> years, have combined various roles (i.e., personal and work e-mail
> addresses) on the same key, so that practice is not uncommon.

The interesting point is: Has it worked well for them, too? Or was just the 
pain of retiring the key (to separate the roles later) too heavy? ;-)

Meanwhile I am convinced that most OpenPGP users don't think a lot about what 
their key should look like before they generate / publish it.

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