File extension is .txt for gpg import. Is that ok?

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at
Thu Jun 13 12:05:29 CEST 2013

On 06/13/2013 03:20 AM, Anilkumar Padmaraju wrote:
> Hi Gnupg Users,
> I have question that on of the user gave a file to import and the file
> is having .txt extension, for example test.txt.  I usually import
> files having .asc or .gpg extensions.  Can I do "gpg --import
> test.txt" with that .txt file extension?

If it has "-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----" on the first
line you will probably be fine on 'nix since gpg and gpg2 look
at what is in the file to determine if it is safe to do a
--import or not.

There is one caveat here.  On OpenSuSE  it refuses to do the
following assuming the file "Picture." is actually an image file:

$ eog Picture. &

Will fail.  They have made it so eog and many other utilities
will fail unless you have have the proper extension.  For this
one, if "Picture." is jpg file, even this rename

$ mv Picture. Picture.gif
$ eog Picture.gif &

will still fail.  Ergo, you should probably make sure the file
has the proper extension.  It takes just a few seconds to do it.

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