GpgEX for 64 bit Windows test version

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jun 24 10:01:36 CEST 2013


I just uploaded a test version of GpgEX (the GnuPG Explorer Plugin) for
Windows 64 bit.  This is just the bare standalone DLL without an
installer.  If you are using a 64 bit Windows system with Gpg4win, you
may want to test this DLL:

  The SHA-1 checksums are:

  bcb389db05edf7566b13ca808d16c60eab68d7c3  bin/gpgex.dll

To comply with the LGPL, the sources are also available as

To install the DLL please unzip the ZIP file and as Admin store the DLL

  c:\Program files\GNU\GnuPG\bin\gpgex.dll

Using the bin directory avoids conflicts with an already installed
32-bit version of the DLL.  To finish the installation run as Admin

  regsvr32 c:\Program files\GNU\GnuPG\bin\gpgex.dll

Now you may want to test it out.  Note that I also added an About menu
which should always work, even if no UI-server is running.  The
translations are not yet included in the ZIP file.



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