US banks that can send PGP/MIME e-mail

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Sun Mar 3 01:08:24 CET 2013

On Sat, 2 Mar 2013, Anonymous wrote:
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> It's really not a good time to attempt to prop these guys up, when
> every economy in the world is suffering acutely from their colossal
> and aggregate incompetence.

Not to mention the situations where available intelligence
was used to do various cheats.  The level of skill is one
necessary aspect to evaluate, the uses of whatever skill
level may exist is another and separable aspect.

(And then there are the cases where people with public
reputations for great intelligence in the financial industry
have later been found to be anyhow mainly bold cheats.)

>>> A bank forward-thinking enough to cater to nerds with ssh for
>>> transactions and openpgp for statements would spend the least
>>> amount on security
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> Moreover, an SSH server wouldn't drag the bank into the vicious
> pattern of chasing the shiny.. e.g. there would not be a need to work
> on improving the smoothness of animations that must glide accross the
> screen.

I wonder if banks offer secure communication services to
premium cutomers these day, eg high-wealth customers of regular
or private banks.  I am surprised that is not a market niche
being pursued AFAIK, in which spending directly on developing
usable and private processes could be distinctive in the
market.  The individuals in that category whom I have known
enough to have some little awareness of their attitudes about
financial communications security have seemed not to have
such services available from their banks.

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