Enterprise Key Management?

Abel Luck abel at guardianproject.info
Sat Mar 16 12:36:59 CET 2013

Jon Molesa:
> Does anyone have a recommended best practice and accompanying tool for
> enterprise key management?
> I'm looking for:
>  - Centralized key management
>  - Master (Company Owned) signing key
>  - Sub-keys issued to employees
>  - Best way to handle revocations
>  - Integration with LDAP/AD if possible
>  - Integration with desktop email clients
>  - Integration with desktop gnupg implementations (Windows, Mac, Linux)
> I realize this is rather broad, but if anyone has pointers or notes
> they would be willing to share, I would really appreciate it.
> I came across this http://www.egpg.org/, though it no longer looks
> active or maintained.

This seems like a better application of S/MIME as it, by design, is
centralized in the manner you describe.


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