GET_HIDDEN deprecated in gpgv2

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Mar 20 15:29:21 CET 2013

On Wed, 20 Mar 2013 11:19, jaimefdez86 at said:

> But this doesn't work in gpgv2. Is there any reason? Thanks you in advance!

I assume you mean gpg version 2 and not the gpgv2 tool.

GnuPG-2 (commonly installed as gpg2) uses the agent and its Pinentry to
handle passphrases.  Thus there is no direct way to change the
passphrase in the way you did it.  In any case, the code you use is
pretty fragile because it does not follow the rules for using
--command-fd.  See the GPA project on how to correctly use it.

BTW, for about 3 year gpg2 support the command --passwd which makes
changing the passphrase much easier.

If you really want to use --command-fd style interaction for any secret
key stuff, you need to wait for the next beta of 2.1 which has a new
feature to loopback the pinentry requests to gpg2 .  See the git master
for details.



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