feedback on a gpg encryption/signing GUI frontend

adrelanos adrelanos at
Sun Mar 31 17:21:34 CEST 2013

What do you think about kgpg?

Maybe many people don't know, that it also has a text editor with handy
sign, verify, encrypt, decrypt buttons?

I find it quite good, there are just some usability glitches here and
there and perhaps some bugs (never could get symmetric encryption to work).

Personally I don't mind the "crap dependencies". Ok, it's for non-KDE
users ~ 100 MB for graphical gpg key management and gpg text editor. Our
hard drives are so big these days, I am sure regular users don't mind.
It's really just something geeks complain about without pragmatic

Perhaps a python rewrite can attract more developers, features, bug
fixes and so on.

I think what pyrite requires is distro packaging so it can be easily

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