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David Smith Dave.Smith at
Fri May 3 14:09:15 CEST 2013

On 05/03/13 12:58, Lema KB wrote:
> Hi Werner
> let's say, user_1 created public-private-key_1. then senders should
> encrypt it with public-key_1 but for all user_1, user_2, etc.
> with which private key will user_2, user_3,.. decrypt this file.csv,
> which is encrypted with public-key_1?


user_1, user_2 and user_3 each generate their own public-private
keypair.  So:

  Receiver_1 has public_key_1 and private_key_1
  Receiver_2 has public_key_2 and private_key_2
  Receiver_3 has public_key_3 and private_key_3

They then all send their public keys to a fourth user, "Sender" (who may
actually be one of the receivers, if you wish).

Sender then encrypts the file using the public keys of all the
Receivers.  For example:

gpg --recipient Receiver_1 \
    --recipient Reciever_2 \
    --recipient Receiver_3 \
    --encrypt-file file_to_be_encrypted

Each of the three recipients will then be able to decrypt the file using
their own private key.


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