How can I extract the --embedded-filename for scripting?

Michael Scheer exaikt+xfzy at
Wed May 8 10:45:57 CEST 2013

Hi guys,

in a script in a specific situation I use embedded filenames for 
decrypting (as in "gpg -v --use-embedded-filename file.gpg"). For this 
script I need to know the name of the resulting unencrypted file, 
because I want to check headers on this file and extract if it's a 
compressed file format.

I don't see any way to get the file name within the script. My idea was 
to take the text output of "gpg -v --use-embedded-filename file.gpg" to 
a file via ">", but this is not possible, because it displays text on 
the console of course, as I have to enter a passphrase...

Do you see any way to get the embedded file name for variables?


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