Keyring on external encrypted drive

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Thu May 23 20:25:24 CEST 2013

Il 23/05/2013 18:22, Pete Stephenson ha scritto:

> The card reader + pinpad sold at
> claims to be supported with GnuPG >1.4.0 so it should work fine. long your passphrase is numeric-only.

[OT] *great* support page: the links to the manufacturer expose the PHP
code! :)

>> And even then, you'd need a patched card that accepts a single PSO for
>> every PIN entry...
> The standard OpenPGP smartcard has an option that, when enabled,
> prompts for a PIN for every signature. It's probably a useful thing to
> enable.
Really useful, IMVHO. Unless you have to sign *a lot* of things...

> It does not have an option (as far as I know, please correct
> me if I'm wrong) to prompt for a PIN for every decryption operation.
That would probably be way less useful: once authenticated you want to
be able to read all your mails, or to stay authenticated while you
change the page you're browsing.


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