[OT] Why are you using the GPG / PGP keys?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon May 27 02:13:36 CEST 2013

From: Hauke Laging <mailinglisten at hauke-laging.de>

> Am So 26.05.2013, 16:36:00 schrieb Eray Aslan:
> > The college kids I talk to nowadays use email mostly for either
> > - official business
> > - communicating with their parents
> >=20
> > and that's it.

Re. ~email is dieing~.

    Similar false "Unix is dieing" propesies were made 30 years back, eg:
    "Saturday, August 09 2003 @ 10:42 PM EDT ...
    Sun CEO Scot McNealy recently said this about Linus' saying UNIX
    is dying: "You can go back over 21 years, and we've been reading
    that exact quote about Unix...." ..."

Young adults are lemmings, thoughtlessly rushing to the latest
glitzy fashion tech. gimmicks, aka F*book, MS-Win glitz, Slim white
neck pendant accessory (Mac) etc, to pose before their friends.

Responses to deter associates from joining social media web sites:

	... Yes, it's your right to choose, ...
	Pause ...  To make silly choices ! ...  But we're not daft too.

	The sites are useful, they must draw off some of the least
	competent & least thoughtful people, so reduce the `dumbing
	down' of the internet.

	Did you consider lax security & privacy ?  scandals, pictures
	seen by employers, data harvesting by giant multinationals ?

	With mail on own PC, + GPG encryption, one can control 
	embarassing text/pics & keys, but not on a commercial forum.

Was it AOL or compuserve who tried a closed net ? some people realised
they were locked in so left, the pressure built, & the ISP put in
a gateway.  When F*book growth levels off they may bend.

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