certificat for a key pair

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at securemecca.net
Wed May 29 21:09:12 CEST 2013

On 05/29/2013 06:12 AM, edgard devaux wrote:
>  hello
>  using Gnupg with linux debian 7.0 and gnome; i created a key pair.
>  my e-mail client asks me a certificat for personal to sign , and an
> other certificat for the key.
>  How can i get this certificat for keyring , i don't find where .
>  excuse my english (i'm franchman).
>  thanks
>  edgard


If you are using Thunderbird, do NOT install enigmail with an
apt-get with a sudo!  Also do not set up one common folder but
have separate email sections for each POP or IMAP email account.
Another way to add enigmail to Thunderbird:


Add it as yourself, not as root.  The apt-get way of doing
things here may not work.  You end up installing it in the
system thunderbird (/usr/lib/thunderbird) folder.  You
want enigmail installed in your ~/.thunderbird folder.

Once enigmail is installed, you can specify specifically
what key you want used with each email account by clicking
on the email account and then view settings then OpenPGP.

If you are using Evolution, GnuPG support is built in.
Just make sure it is set to use your GPG key and the
GPG key has your edgard-devaux at gmx.fr or other POP
email accounts set up.

You cannot use GnuPG with web-mail easily any more.
I have no experience with Icedove but it should be
similar to Thunderbird.

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