gpgsm and expired certificates

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Nov 1 19:47:56 CET 2013

> Isn't the NSA "a government based organisation?" Surely
> guilt-by-association renders every government based organisation just
> as nefarious as the NSA.

This is why grown-ups don't believe in guilt by association.

To take an example: the graduate students at the University of Iowa  
who teach undergraduate courses on classical French literature are  
University employees. (Unionized ones at that: United  
Electicalworkers/Committee to Organize Graduate Students, *represent*!  
[1])  As University employees, they are officially also government  
employees, since the University is funded by the State.

Do you really think a bunch of graduate students obsessing over _La  
Chanson du Roland_ are "just as nefarious as the NSA"?

If you do, then I think your paranoia is so out of hand you really  
ought consider seeking professional help.  And no, I'm not kidding.

If you don't, then let's dial back the rhetoric.  Governments are  
*big* *big* things with lots of employees, and they deserve better  
treatment than this.

[1] Yes, I was a card-carrying union man and served as a union  
officer.  Try not to keel over from the shock.  ;)

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