Quotes from GPG users

Heinz Diehl htd at fritha.org
Sat Nov 2 17:19:24 CET 2013

On 02.11.2013, Sam Tuke wrote: 

> Research would definitely be helpful. There are many well written guides, video
> tutorials, and even e-learning courses on how to setup GPG however, and some
> applications make it very easy.

When you think of the "common windows user" who solely wants to double
click on "install.exe" and send encrypted mail after it finished: are
these people aware of those applications?
> While technical complexity is undoubtedly a problem, a huge number of
> technically proficient people are not using GPG simply because they aren't aware
> of its existence or importance. At least, that's what my own experiences tell me.

Now that you have the "NSA scandal" and the mass media have done its job,
you have a perfect growing place to start an awareness campaign :-)
So what do people want? Either they give a shit in the NSA and have
"nothign to hide", or they want to encrypt just everything.


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