Quotes from GPG users

Stan Tobias sttob at privatdemail.net
Sat Nov 2 22:08:56 CET 2013

On 30/10/13 11:58, Sam Tuke wrote:
> I'm working with Werner to promote GnuPG and raise awareness. To that end we're
> collecting quotes from users - endorsements from people who know and trust GPG,
> people like you.
> If you want to help us, send your own statement about why GPG is important to
> you. Please keep it less than or equal to 130 characters, so it can be used on
> social networks.
> I'll collect them and pick the best for use now and in future.

>From my past experience a few years ago in a small company I can say
that some corporate type people seem to have an irrational distrust to
anything "free".  When I tried to introduce GnuPG as part of a solution,
I had a feeling they treated it as a second rate implementation by a
bunch of amateurs.

It's not a real quote, I'm afraid, but if I could propose a slogan,
it would be something like:  "GnuPG is mainstream".

Stan T.

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