Quotes from GPG users

Ben McGinnes ben at adversary.org
Wed Nov 6 01:28:42 CET 2013

On 6/11/13 2:40 AM, Sam Tuke wrote:
>> Feel free to use any of my public comments on the topic, either on my
>> blog or on Twitter.
> Those are great resources I hadn't seen before, thanks for the links!
> What do you think about these two? I had a hard time finding quotes
> from your articles that fit into 130 chars,

Yeah, I can be a bit of a wordy bastard sometimes.  ;)

> so I reworded them:
> "GnuPG provides encrypted email and file encryption...this
> technology is an integral part of the survival skills of the digital
> age"
> Source:
> http://www.adversary.org/wp/2012/09/20/protecting-yourself-in-a-surveillance-state/
> "Scalps have been claimed in Australian politics due to forged
> emails, yet GPG has been able to prevent this for years"
> Source:
> http://www.adversary.org/wp/2011/08/20/preventing-political-blunders-with-digital-signatures/

I approve them both!  :)

Especially after seeing which paragraphs you converted into that.


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