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>> "MFPA" == MFPA  <expires2013 at> writes:

   > Hi
   > On Monday 4 November 2013 at 10:43:43 PM, in
   > <mid:87habrrdnk.fsf at>, Uwe Brauer wrote:

   >> -  from my own experience I am convinced that smime
   >> is much easier    than gpg[2] for reasons  I am not
   >> going to repeat here. (I got 7    out of 10 of my
   >> friends/colleagues to use smime, but 0 of 10 to
   >> use gpg.)

   > Depending on the software people are using. I'm willing to accept
   > that there are probably more people for whom S/MIME is easier to
   > use.

Well take for example iOs: using pgp is a sort of a nightmare.

The reasons why I think smime is easier to use for the average user are:
smime is already installed in most MUA (so no additional software+plugin)
keypairs are generated and signed  by the "trust center".
Public keys are automatically embedded in the signatures.

   > The email app I am using to write this message can (almost
   > trivially) generate and use self-signed certificates for the email
   > accounts it has configured. The difficulty is getting other people
   > to persuade their MUA to accept them.

Aha I see you use the BAT, an email program I have not seen in use, for
almost a decade.
Good and bad news. Gpgsm allowed my to use your public keys after having
fireing up a series of questions, iOs also, (if you don't mind I send
you to test messages later privately) However thunderbird refuses to
use yoru public key claiming it cannot be trusted. So I am afraid 
the issue is to 
persuade the not only the people but also the software.

    > I think I mentioned in one of my other postings that I was using 
    > hyperbole to make my point. I'm not quite _that_ paranoid, but I 
    > believe in exercising a healthy skepticism.

Ok I have seen this now.


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