Implementation idea of CURVE25519 for gnupg 2.1

Mark Schneider ms at
Fri Nov 15 21:33:08 CET 2013


There is GPL 3 based implementation of CURVE25519 called Pretty Curved 
Privacy (pcp1).

What do you think about using parts of the ppc1 source code to implement 
such functionality into gnupg 2.1?

Myself I like this "SCII Case Demo" video how to use this utility:

Short description (from the website):
# ---
Pretty Curved Privacy (pcp1) is a commandline utility which can be used 
to encrypt files. pcp1 uses eliptc curve cryptography for encryption 
(CURVE25519 by Dan J. Bernstein). While CURVE25519 is no worldwide 
accepted standard it hasn't been compromised by the NSA - which might be 
better, depending on your point of view.

Caution: since CURVE25519 is no accepted standard, pcp1 has to be 
considered as experimental software. In fact, I wrote it just to learn 
about the curve and see how it works.

Beside some differences it works like GNUPG. So, if you already know how 
to use gpg, you'll feel almost home.
# ---

Kind regards, Mark

ms at

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