Proof of possession when exchanging keys

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That makes perfect sense. That's the approach I took on the most recent key I signed.

What attacks are mitigated by verifying control of the secret key, though? I am having a hard time grokking the benefit for someone whose ID you have verified to present and fingerprint a key which she does not control.

There is the possibility of an external party replacing the exchanged key with another, but doesn't the fingerprint adequately protect against that?

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> The general practice I follow is to verify fingerprint and ID separately then, in order to verify control of email address and private key, send the signed ID encrypted to the provided email address.
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Phil Calvin <phil at> wrote:
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>> I seem to recall reading somewhere that when exchanging keys in
>> person, you should not only have the person verify the key
>> fingerprint, but you should also present them with 1) an unpredictable
>> challenge document to sign or 2) verify that they can decrypt an
>> encrypted message using the key in question. This would ensure they
>> have access to the secret half of the keypair in question.
>> Is verifying proof of possession necessary or good practice, or is
>> checking fingerprints (and, when you don't know the person, photo ID
>> or similar) enough?
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