[liberationtech] [tor-talk] BitMail.sf.net v 0.6 - Secure Encrypting Email Client

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Sun Nov 17 01:38:34 CET 2013

I am not in contact with bitmail in any way, I wouldn't use it myself
because I find the communication about bitmail very poor, namely no
responses to points raised by others. Anyway, I like to comment on a few
things raised here.

Ulex Europae:
> Robert'
> should upload his binaries to Github.

No one can host binaries on github at the moment. They deprecated that

> Along with his source code. Then,
> if the MD5 checksum on his compiled binaries matches the MD5 checksum
> on the source code when it is compiled independently, he's golden.


> That
> is how that works, how it is supposed to work.

This should be our ideal, but we're far from it, very few software
packages support this.

> Accept no substitutes.

I don't think that's possible at the moment. There are no
deterministically built operating systems yet.

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