Unusual (unintended?) behavor upon decryption of a message

Laurent Jumet laurent.jumet at skynet.be
Tue Nov 19 10:15:55 CET 2013

Le 19/11/2013 08:28, fuzzykitties at riseup.net a écrit :
> Upon decryption of the attached message, the program requests a new
> passphrase. Then after any arbitrary string is entered (or nothing),
> decryption of the message fails. It does not matter if any private keys
> are held in gnupg (including the key of the intended recipient).
> Here is the message in question. How is this possible?

	In my opinion, this is a symetric crypted message. You need the exact password 
(called passphrase as well) to decrypt it, but it's not a double key cipher.

Laurent Jumet
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