Setting encryption algorithm for specific key

Paul R. Ramer free10pro at
Sat Nov 23 04:24:23 CET 2013

Johan Wevers <johanw at>
>I communicate with someone whose key tells me it supports IDEA, and
>since that's my prefered algorithm my gpg uses it to encrypt the
>message. However, het setup does not in fact support it (any more, it
>used to do in the past). Re-signing the key is no option, this is as
>computer-literate as she'll get.
>I have now hardcoded cipher-algo in gpg.conf but is there an option I
>can select a specific cipher-algo for a particular key or recipient?

If you have the skills such as Bash scripting, Perl, etc., you could create a wrapper for gpg that could make gpg select an algorithm other than IDEA, or a specific one, when specifying this particular recipient with her problematic key.



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