Decrypting symmetrically encrypted text in Command Line (CL) results in error message?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Nov 28 10:16:34 CET 2013

On 27/11/13 20:56, Einar Ryeng wrote:
> I'm guessing that one of two things is happening here, due to the use of STDIN
> both to provide the encrypted message and as the way to enter the password:

Yes, that is what I was thinking, that it tries to read the password from stdin
as well. No matter the specific mechanisms at play, it is simply impossible to
reliably get both the message and the password from stdin, AFAIK.

Which is why I wanted to ask: are you using gpg-agent? Could you try configuring
(and using) gpg-agent such that it will ask for the password with a pinentry
window popping up? Because it should be possible to decrypt from a pasted text
in the command line as long as it's not necessary to enter the password in the
same command line window, which the agent should allow you to do.

I don't have access to Windows machines to try this myself.



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