multiple keys with different UIDs and common WoT?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sat Nov 30 22:48:13 CET 2013

On 30/11/13 18:58, Klaus wrote:
> So my question is: Is there some mechanism that allows me to have the
> features mentioned above, or do I really have to build multiple separate
> WoTs?

You could build the WoT only on your personal key (which survives switching
jobs), and set your personal key as ultimately trusted on your work PC (work PC
only has the public key for your personal key). An ultimately trusted public key
is no different from installing the private key for trust calculations, I think.
I tested the situation, it seems the same to me with or without the private key[1].

BTW, some people frown on signing a key both with the personal and the work key
as in your scenario, because you will count as two people in trust calculations
done by GnuPG.



[1] Specifically, assigning ultimate trust moves the key to depth 0 in the trust
calculations, and it is used to validate keys at depth 1, just like an
ultimately trusted public/private keypair.

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