standardized security levels

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Mon Oct 14 06:41:25 CEST 2013

Il 11/10/2013 07:24, Hauke Laging ha scritto:

> My OpenPGP specific aim is that such a standardized list would be implemented 
> in OpenPGP applications, probably as a signature notation. The typical user 
> would have several keys (for the same address) at different security levels. 
> Thus the sender could select the security need of the data to be sent and the 
> system could automatically select the most suitable key (or fail if none such 
> is available).
What I still couldn't understand is how I can sign a key saying "I'm
really sure of the owner's identity, but I don't really trust him
properly handling other signatures" (the typical example is "parents" :)
, but the same applies to a signing party... ).
IIUC your proposal doesn't address that aspect.


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