Issues when switching between smartcards

Fabio Coatti fabio.coatti at
Wed Oct 16 11:59:37 CEST 2013

In data martedì 15 ottobre 2013 16:16:48, Kevin ha scritto:
> Personally, I have found that "killall gpg-agent" works for me in these
> cases, without much fuss.  However, since you have a different reader,
> and most probably different OS, etc, YMMV.

After some mail exchange with Ludovic Rousseau (many thanks for his help and 
patience) , I solved the issues upgrading ccid to 1.4.13, but mainly looking 
at the bios setup where I found that the laptop was configured to power on and 
off the reader according to the fact that the card was inserted or not. It 
seems that this confuses smart card driver (basically, when powered off the 
reader is not even visible in lsusb).
I don't konw if this is an issue that can be dealt with changin something in 
driver code (probably it should handle this behaviour more nicely), but 
telling bios to always keep reader powered solved my issue (basically now I'm 
relying on linux usb power management to avoid waste when card is not 


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