Can I revitalise an old key-pair?

MartinHvidberg martin at
Sun Sep 1 14:57:57 CEST 2013

I'm returning to GPG, and Enigmail, and not for the first time. This means
that I have earlier generated key-pairs and uploaded them to servers like or something like that. I did this first time in 1999 and have
done several new attempts later, and now have seven key-pairs on the server.
Latest I have generated a key-pair in 2011.

Unfortunately, every time my use of GPG fades out, because non of my
contacts really join in. And it's not much fun exchanging signed and
encrypted mails with myself :-)

This time, with all the media on governments peeping into peoples private
mails, I think I have a better chance to get many of my friends to jump

My problem:
I stead of generating yet another key-pair, how do I revitalise on of my
existing key-pairs.
This said, I have only what I can download from a key-server, and I do in
fact remember the password, for some of them.
Do the key-server have all the information I need to re-use an existing
key-pair (provided I remember the password)?

Or do I need to get one of my old computers up and running, hoping to find
some sort of key file there.

If you can point to any online material, tutorial or the likes, that do not
start with 'Generate a key-pair' then I would appreciate the a lot... :-)

Best regards
Martin Hvidberg

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